Artist Statement/ Bio


ENitsua Fine Art (by artist K. Austin), art work is based on the use of vibrant, bold tonality as a way to create a sense of urgency and immediacy. K generally uses the same technique of utilizing vibrant paint application as a way to convey to the viewer jubilant images meant to instantly intrigue the senses and uplift the spirit. Although her creative process is spontaneous and self- taught, she is drawn to the works of Picasso and Chagall primarily. The abstract realist subjects of her paintings captures the viewer, leaving the works open to individual interpretation. K’s usage of abstract realism and hidden objects in her paintings have garnered her The Peoples Choice Award at the Temecula Valley Art Competition as a first time entry and contracted term representation at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York, Artisan Direct (Rochester Gallery), amongst other notable accolades.


K's art work gives her the platform to express herself in a unique way, which links people from different backgrounds together. Her creativity has allowed her to partner with various charities to give back, such as church fundraising functions, Doctors Without Boarders, Art With No Boarders, Saint Jude’s Hospital, and the Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin, Austin Family Foundation. The link that her art creates gives her a sense of fulfillment to the given path that she and ENitsua believes God has given her, which is to bring people together whether they come from a world of art, a world of faith, or various other backgrounds



Artist Bio

K. a Midwestern girl of Cherokee and American ancestry was born the last of 12 children. A child of the 70s, K. was a product of her generation and was highly influenced by the vibrant, bold prints and colors that she saw used in the psychedelic art ever-present during that transformative era. She began seriously painting while still in elementary school at the encouragement of a neighbor that witnessed her proclivity towards the fine arts and saw talent in her artistic expressions. Never formally trained, K. went on to pursue an education in psychology, but refused to ever abandon her first love. Throughout the years her art has evolved to reflect the different phases and stages that she has gone through. But one thing has remained consistent and that is her love of color and spirituality, which continues to be a central theme of her many paintings and drawings. K. currently spends her time taking in all the wonders of Europe ,where she is an epicurean of Fine cuisine and enjoys traveling to gain inspiration for her latest works.