Enitsua Fine Art - Netherlands can best be described as a creative guidance agency including a gallery where art lovers can purchase original  Fine Art works by professional artist,  gallery representation, branding and licensing, art instruction, consulting, and art therapy .


 Enitsua’s target audience will be a mix of art buyers, dealers, art collectors, artist (emerging, and established), those seeking consultation about their artwork and how to navigate the art market as a professional artist, artist seeking guidance and representation from the gallery, artist who want to participate in gallery exhibitions and showcase hosted by the gallery, art lovers who would like to receive art instruction to better their craft and those seeking therapy in the form of therapeutic art expression.


 ENitsua Fine Art Netherlands is currently comprised of quality original fine art work by artist Katherine Austin. Katherine’s use of bold warm colors to convey to the viewer jubilant images meant to instantly intrigue the mind as a reflection of the human thought process showing the intense complex but yet simplistic process of our thoughts and imagination. Katherine’s self -taught artistic abilities allow her to set in front of a canvas and allow the works which are unknown to her to flow from within her and transpire into the abstract realist subjects of her paintings to capture the viewer, leaving the work open to individual interpretation. ENitsua extends Katherine’s artwork to the areas of licensing and branding; such as character licensing, textile and fabrics, home decor, fashion, film and television production, galleries, collectors, museums, and art aficionados.


  While ENitsua Fine Art Netherlands reaches into the depths of the world of art, ENitsua partners with ENitsua Foundation for the Arts 501( c )(located in the USA) as a way to give back to the artistic community. ENitsua understands that art is a powerful tool, which can be used as a universal language, and this is why the partnership between Enitsua Fine Art Netherlands and ENitsua foundation for the Arts 501( c ), strives to promote the arts global. ENitsua Foundation for the arts utilizes the universal language by allowing artist from various artistries (who without the assistance of the Nonprofit would never be afforded the opportunity) to experience the world of art abroad, through artistic cultural exchange in residencies and workshop hosted by Katherine Austin and guest artist in the United States, and Europe.